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Why does the academic license for iNMR cost as much as the commercial license? Because iNMR is a product designed by users for academic research and is sold at a price that is appropriate for academic labs.

When, like in this case, there is no sponsor, all users are asked to pay a fraction of the cost of writing and maintaining the code. In exchange they get the program that does exactly what they need, a fair trade not often seen in software development.


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Why people prefer iNMR to some of the free alternatives?

  • iNMR is the only NMR program made for Mac OS X. Commands and controls are in their logical and regular places. All the standard components of a genuine Mac application are present.
  • The customers receive support directly from the programmer.
  • They can ask for improvements, additions, modifications and corrections. Hundreds of requests have been satisfied in 24 hours, 90% of them in less than a week. The customers know they have their private programmer, included in the price.
  • The integration with the operating system is superb and tight. This is shown not just by the speed, but by the use of Spotlight, QuickLook, the Help system, etc.
  • Special modules are already included into the program: simulation, DOSY processing, 3-D processing, database, signal deconvolution, reference deconvolution... (the list is growing).
  • iNMR is one of the rare programs that not only simulates a proton spectrum but also fits it against the experimental counterpart (by 3 different fitting methods).
  • iNMR is one of the rare programs that simulates chemical exchange. This is very useful for experiments such as VT-NMR conformer experiments.
  • The program is well explained by a task-oriented manual and a long series of web-tutorials. While it's impossible to remember every command for a program like iNMR, the manual is easy to search.
  • Months after the release of version 4, we still haven't heard of any bug. As far as we know, and though it's hard to believe for ourselves too, iNMR 4.1.5 is bug-free!
  • Most of the updates are free (and the rare paid updates are cheap).
  • You pay the same price that everybody else is (and will be) paying. No special deals, no surprises, no cheating. The product is extremely competitive; the price cannot be.
  • Advanced users have complete control of the processing flow.
  • iNMR is fast enough even for the most demanding 2-D and 3-D tasks.
  • iNMR does not require the latest hardware. Any old Mac running OS 10.4 is good.
  • iNMR is cool! When you have learned the basic commands, no other NMR software is so easy and so fun to use as iNMR. People who discover it typically loathe going back to other software.


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