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A Desktop Calculator for the Karplus Equation

Calculates the 3J coupling constant from the dihedral angle and the electronegativity of the substituents using either the Altona equation or a generalized Karplus equation.

Latest version:2.4
date:January 5, 2022
what's new:recompiled for Apple Silicon; interface compatible with Mac OS 12



special notes

When the residues on the same center are identical but their labels are different, Sweet J treats that center as chiral. The two residues are given an highest CIP priorities than the remaining substituents, whilst their relative priority is given by the alphabetical order (case-sensitive) of the labels.


Empirical parameters for the Karplus equation (hetero- and homonuclear 3J)
A rich collection of special-purposes Karplus equations, with parameters, applications, plots and primary references.


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