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a case of customer satisfaction

“ Most Apple users share a common trait: a fondness for elegance and simplicity of use for even the most complex piece of software. To this respect, iNMR is the perfect answer to the Apple-oriented spectroscopist. It integrates swiftly all expected processing functions, it is highy evolutive, while remaining simple and apple-ish, a well deserved “i” ! ” - Stefano Caldarelli, Université Paul Cezanne - Marseille

“ I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the software, and how much simpler it has made my life! You really infused the ideals of Apple software into working with NMR Spectroscopy. ” - Jonathan Darmon, Cornell University

“ If you have a Mac, and you haven't used iNMR yet, and you take NMRs, check it out. It's a great program. ” -

“ I have been testing iNMR since now and, since it is the best software for NMR, I have purchased it. ” - Ugo Orcel, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Montpellier

“ I really love the software, and am having more fun than any spectroscopist deserves to have playing with the real time optimizing of resolution enhancements. ” - Charles DeBrosse, Director of NMR Facilities, Temple University

“ Apart from being so much smaller and faster, iNMR has by far the best interface of any NMR program I've used. People are blown away when I demonstrate integration. It has the power and elegance of Adobe and the wow factor of Google. ” - Thomas Munro, Harvard Medical School

“ Fantastic, I am overwhelmed! I wish all software had this type of support! ” - Anders Malmendal, University of Aarhus

“ I haven't had time to test iNMR fully yet but what I have found so far, is that it is definitely simpler to use than most of the PC alternatives. (We use use both Spinworks and software from ACD). ” - Hasse Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen

“ ...adds a number of impressive new features. ” - Chris Swain, Macinchem

“ Uso iNMR da un mese e ho totalmente dimenticato mestre e affini!! Complimenti! Trovo iNMR un software ricco di utili funzioni, immediato e privo di inutili orpelli grafici (spesso le aziende attirano le prede con gli specchietti per le allodole). ” - Antonio Salomone, Bari

“ Personally, I think it's great to use a Mac to do NMR analysis. Thanks for a great product! ” - Geoff Hutchison, MacResearch

“ I am a mac-using organic chemist. Until now, there has never been an app for NMR reprocessing app for OSX that was powerful and user friendly. iNMR is intuitive to use and pleasing to the eye, very much in the way as one would expect from an Apple application. It performs many (including all of the important and critical) functions of the existing nmr reproc. solutions, and gives the output I want with the minimum of effort. I cannot recommend highly enough this elegant and powerful program to anyone involved with NMR, regardless of their computing background. I am not alone in my praise either, their are several mac - chemists in the department where I work , and like me they were all blown away with the excellence of this software. The mac is somewhat of a forsaken child in the world of chemistry, particularly with 3rd party apps; the author should be commended for daring to invest his time and effort with this gem of a program. If you're an organic chemist, give it a go and spread the word; you won't be disappointed. ” - MacRumors

“ Super thanks! ” - Larry Litt, University of California San Francisco

“ At any point if you would like an endorsement/ testimony for simplicity and ease of use of iNMR, I would be happy to provide one ” - Troy D. Ryba, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

“ It's great that you wrote this fantastic program. I'll always support iNMR. ” - Qi Zhou, KTH Stockholm

“ Everything is working great! You have a very nice program. ” - Christian Farrar, Massachusetts General Hospital

“ It is a very useful piece of software. ” - Greg Bertenshaw, Correlogic

“ That pushed me over the edge! So, finally, count me in, and sign me up for the purchase of iNMR. Send on the quotation and purchasing instructions and we'll get this going. ” - David Peyton, Portland State University

“ I am impressed! ” - Lukas Hintermann, RWTH Aachen, Germany

“ Thanks a lot, this software is really nice. ” - Eric Masson, Ohio University

“ Thanks for finally making a good program for the Mac for NMR processing! ” - David Sibley, Furman University

“ It works amazingly... great software! ” - Dan Cooper, Brown University

“ It has totally satisfied our needs to generate publication quality data. ” - William Eckenhoff, Duquesne University

“ We really like iNMR! ” - Prof. Daniel J. Weix, Rochester NY

“ We have Mnova's license but i still want to use iNMR on my MAC. ” - Corinne Gibb, University of New Orleans

“ For a moderate organic lab, an old mac and iNMR can be better and only cost the same as some new packets of tubes. ” - The Chem Blog

“ I absolutely love it. The overlay spectrum feature absolutely rocks, both for what it is and for how easy it is to use. ” - Michael X Macrae, University of California San Diego

“ The best software for processing NMR data in the way that I need it done. ” - Marc J. Adler, Duke University

“ After getting used to Mac OS X I realised that I simply didn't want to do anything on a PC anymore if it was not necessary. Your program honestly was exactly what I wanted for my purposes. It is simple and easy to handle and has everything that I need (and I know that it might be able to do much more than that). After opening Mnova and having a glance at it I appreciate iNMR even more than I did before. Mnova is far too overloaded with features for most people's purposes. Generally that's the nice thing about Mac OS programs, they are much easier to handle and I have to say that you did a pretty good job in adopting this philosophy. I was rather feeling overwhelmed (in a bad sense) when opening Mnova for the first time (and on the other hand very pleased when opening iNMR for the first time). Mnova also seems to be pretty slow... I would try to convince every Mac user who needs NMR processing software, to go for iNMR. ” - Susanne Kruse, Nottingham

“ I’m not a regular user of iNMR but it is invaluable when I do use it. I recommend iNMR to colleagues. ” - Mark Wellard, MR Facility Coordinator, Queensland University of Technology

“ A Mac OSX program that I like. ” - Fenton R. Heirtzler, University of Alaska at Fairbanks

“ Terrific software! ” - Gregory Cook, North Dakota State University

“ This is an excellent piece of software - it makes analysing data so much easier! ” - Benjamin D. Ward, Cardiff University, UK

“ There are some reasons why I have switched from MNova to iNMR, I will try to explain it. The main reason for me was the lack of a good overlay manager. In MNova you can either superimpose or stack the spectra, but adding a horizontal or vertical offset is difficult. Furthermore (at least as far as I know) it cannot fit the simulated spectrum to the experimental one. Another thing is the lack of keyboard short cuts in MNova. At a certain point no increase in the speed of your work flow is possible because you just have to click through the menus/icons, that's somewhat annoying. iNMR makes a much more reliable and mature impression than MNova. It just looks more serious to me. And I think in the course of time one can adopt a much faster workflow compared to MNova. ” - Pascal Fricke, University of Leipzig

“ In my opinion, the program now borders on perfection! ” - Antonio Randazzo, Naples

“ I am a happy new owner of the iNMR software. ” - Kelly Peach, UC Santa Cruz

“ Great software. I love it... You've been so so helpful, I cannot thank you enough. ” - Nicole Gaudelli, Johns Hopkins University

“ I purchased iNMR last fall and it has been great. ” - Andrew R. Waldeck, University of Texas at Austin

“ Thank you very much for everything, it really is a great program. ” - Isabel Mendoza, Universitat de Valencia

“ Excellent. ” - Donald B. Miller, Covidien, Saint Louis

“ I have several students using iNMR to process Agilent/Varian data & they have very positive things to say. The program is so small - you must be a very skilled programmer! ” - Hamish Grant, University of Melbourne

“ I really am glad I spent the money on this software, and I always tell everyone about it. ” - Graham Murphy, University of Waterloo, Ontario

“ Very lightweight program, and easy to use once you get over the initial hump in the learning curve. ” - Henry Toombs-Ruane, Australian National University

“ I should probably mention that the program is excellent. ” - Tom Lagerwall, University of Helsinki

“ I have been very impressed with your continued feedback and support on iNMR, and on the software performance in general. I am getting better at using the CPM, and really enjoy the "Move to the Nearest Max." functionality for 2D work. The console with your custom script for splitting Sat/Ref STD-NMR data and one for amplitude has made this work much easier. All your replies have been helpful in our workflow. ” - Darren W Begley, Emerald BioStructures - Bainbridge Island, WA-USA

“ Very prompt and excellent customer service. It is the best I have ever received. I will be sure to recommend iNMR to all the other chemists. ” - Katrina Badiola, University of Sydney

“ iNMR suits my needs perfectly. ” - Florencia Gillanders, Lab for Cellular Dynamics, Göttingen

“ Awesome. Thank you so very much. You have saved me countless hours stuck in a university computer lab and can now do lab reports from home. You guys are the best! ” - Marcus Cogley, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

“ Always positively surprised by the iNMR support. Keep up the great work. ” - Fabian Brüning, ETH Zürich

“ iNMR is still the best product out there. Better than MNova for a broad audience. Using iNMR is a dream come true. All our research papers and theses in my group use iNMR exclusively. The few free alternatives suck and MNova is far too complicated... I rarely feel so strongly about a product, especially for science. Most are overpriced crap. ” - Michael P. Schramm, CSU Long Beach

“ I adore your iNMR software. It has exceeded my expectations. ” - Ricardo M. Borges, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

“ I used several NMR software and this is a great one. ” - Shidong Chu, Touro University - California

“ Keep up the good job. ” - Yann Lie, University of York - UK

“ Great Software. ” - Takuro Hosomi, Graduate school of engineering, Kyoto University

“ Cool. [...] Thanks again! I've really appreciated using your software! ” - Eric Ziegler, Florida Tech

“ Hi, I have tried out your iNMR reader software download and it is fantastic. ” - Victor J. Cee, SUMO Biosciences

“ I appreciate your prompt help! I’m really liking iNMR a lot and am recommending it to my colleagues. ” - Connor Brandenburg, UC San Diego

“ iNMR is the best NMR processing software out there. NMR people that I have talked to don't seem to realize that you can process 3D NMR with it. Very few NMR processing programs can do it. Many NMR people are still using nmrpipe and NMRDraw to process 3D NMR spectra (very primitive in my opinion). People don't seem to realize that it is A LOT faster than MNova. Since I have both programs, I can compare them side by side. In fact, I have already done this with some 2D spectra (Linux vs. Mac). I want as many people as possible to use your software. I think iNMR is awesome and I want it to succeed. Thank you again for the good customer service. ” - Arthur Roberts, University of Washington

“ It's a lifesaver.. i'm writing my thesis now.. and i'm glad i started using it early. ” - Adam Lesser, Stanford University

“ Our school has a site license for ACDLabs NMR software, but I find myself always going back to iNMR because the interface and capabilities are much better in my opinion. My research is in natural products chemistry and I use NMR spectroscopy heavily in order to identify new molecules. ” - Jeremy Beau, University of South Florida

“ Works great! ” - Glenn A. Facey, NMR Facility Manager, University of Ottawa

“ I think iNMR is great! I started experimenting with both iNMR and MNova at the same time and iNMR is much more “classy” - like a little sports car compared to a truck. ” - Julie Niere, RMIT University, Melbourne

“ Your software is AWESOME! I dread the day when I can't process NMR without it! ” - Josh Ritchey, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

“ I think you have done a superb job with the UI of your spin simulation module. ” - Carlos Cobas, Mestrelab Research

“ Rather indispensable to everyone who are both Mac-users and NMR spectroscopists. Superb GUI plus powerful scripting: I like it! ” - Nils Age Froystein, University of Bergen

“ iNMR is thought of very highly by staff and students. ” - Melanja Smith, St. Andrews

“ If you have a mac iNMR is AWESOME. But I have a PC. This is the only reason I would want a mac. I know someone who does 3D NMR and upwards, this is his go-to workhorse. ” -

“ A pretty good NMR program for Mac which I extensively use and can highly recommend: iNMR ” - WaveFunction / Chembark

“ There are a few other NMR software for Mac OS X, particularly “NMR notebook” developed in France, but it is more expensive and less accurate in certain circumstances as I have been told by colleagues. Personally, I use iNMR since it was called SwaN-MR and I have always been satisfied with it. ” - Laurent Latxague, Universite Bordeaux 2

“ This program is awesome! ” - Tia Walker, University of Akron

“ Many thanks for writing a beautiful piece of mac software! ” - Robert Thatcher, York University (UK)

“ I would like to say how impressed I am with the software. After much time spent using terrible NMR programs it is refreshing to have one that is so easy to use. The spotlight integration is excellent. ” - Jamie Frew, University of St. Andrews

“ What a nice piece of software this is to use. ” - Jonathan Bowen, Imperial College London

“ iNMR is an excellent package for NMR processing that runs natively under OS X. The processing is rapid and straightforward, and has a simple menu system with a number of useful keyboard shortcuts. It's a particularly good solution for someone who works with a lot of NMR spectra but is not necessarily a full-time spectroscopist and does not want to have to deal with something like nmrpipe. The best feature is the development support - based on my own experience, request a feature and it may just get programmed in within a week or two. The high rating for value is given in comparison to similar Windows-based menu-driven software such as ACDLabs. ” - MacUpdate

“ I'll definitely recommend this product :). ” - Boris Michel, University of Edinburgh

“ For the Mac, I personally prefer iNMR (over both MestreNova and Topspin under Parallels/Windows) You have really built iNMR into a very good program in the short time since launching Version 0. I particularly like the simulation part. ” - Bernhard Jaun, ETH Zurich

“ Thanks for the great software. ” - Kyoung Taek Kim, Inha University, Incheon

“ iNMR has a ton of really good info about NMR in general and has some great software for data processing that can help you generate high quality files for papers, reports, theses, etc ” - http:// / getzler / research.html

“ I am happy to appear on the iNMR listing. ” - Maria U. Johansson, Swedish NMR Center at Göteborg University

“ There are no such programs with so many features for NMR processing and so stable for MAC OSX. This is really good job! ” - Ivan A. Godovikov, INEOS RAS, Moscow

“ No matter how good and efficient your coding is, the only thing a user can measure is the ease of use (through the GUI). In that direction, iNMR is far ahead competitors.
Anyway I'm very happy with your really neat software and it is the only NMR processing software that I would actually recommend! I wish you to sell it well, and I'm willing to see the improvements you may add in the future. ” - David Martineau, Solaronix, Aubonne, Switzerland

“ Thank you for making a great piece of software in iNMR. The Mac community applauds you and thanks you. ” - Stuart Chalk, University of North Florida

“ Thank you for an amazing product! ” - Brian Sparling, Harvard University

“ I have to compliment you on the program itself, it's really great. There are talks about buying some Macs to the group because of iNMR. ” - Christoffer Laustsen, University of Aarhus

“ You made your software that easy to understand that I was never bothered to actually read the manual. ” - Felix Konrad, Heidelberg

“ I played with the J-manager, and that is COOL! ...Really, really cool! ” - Dan Bearden, NIST - Charleston, SC

“ Thanks for your continuing efforts in developing this excellent software. ” - Prof. Jacek Stawinski, Stockholm

“ I love iNMR and it´s really the best nmr program I have ever used. ” - Martin Mikyna, Würzburg

“ Those of us who've installed it find ourselves continuing to use it because of its simplicity and ease of use. ” - Josh Kurutz, Northwestern University

“ As an organic synthetic chemist, I find this tool extremely useful in my day to day work simply viewing NMRs. It provides a great price / feature ratio. The iNMR reader is a steal at a total cost of 50 Euros, and the full version is worth the price for what it does. I love how quickly I can do line-listings in JACS format for H and C NMRs and how easy it is to process different spectrometer formats (Varian/ Bruker) (it's like the program doesnt even notice).
In comparison to programs like Mestre's MNova, I think this is a slightly better program for mac users, as it really goes with the whole Apple Look and feel. The interface is simply nicer to use than MNova in my opinion. Aside from this competitor however, nothing else comes close for ease of use on the Mac.
If you're on the mac and an organic chemist, do yourself a favor and grab a demo copy at least. ” - cyberfunk on MacUpdate

“ I really love your product. ” - Vincent Scalfani, Colorado State University

“ ...a lovely app. ” - Anders Pedersen, University of Gothenburg

“ I have had several admiring comments on the overlay manager, especially when combined with the automatic offset. I haven't yet managed to convert anyone to switch from PC to Mac just to use iNMR, but I would say it's come close on a couple of occasions. ” - Jake Bundy, Imperial College London

“ Please receive my compliments for an extraordinary program, keep the good work. ” - Andreas Vargas Jentzsch, University of Genève

“ After using the reader program for about a week now, I am very pleased with my purchase. It is a fantastic program. ” - Anthony Mazzotti, Harvard University

“ I would just like to say that the customer service with your company is the best I have ever experienced. It has been a pleasure getting iNMR and I would recommend it to everyone. ” - Ryan DeLuca, University of Utah

“ There really is no doubt that iNMR is by far the best NMR processing program out there especially considering the customer service. I've convinced several lab mates to switch to iNMR. ” - James Whitaker, Colorado State University

“ Thank you for such great customer service. I have been recommending iNMR to everyone I come across in my career since 2007 when I was first exposed to the program. ” - Daniel Everson, University of Rochester

“ I've been using NMRPipe and Sparky, and have subsequently been looking for quicker programs to use. I've been using the trial version of your software and it is very nice and infinitely faster. ” - Isaac Kimsey, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“ I love your iNMR software! ” - Pedro A. Cano, Universidad de Guanajuato, México

“ iNMR is, by far, the best NMR analysis software I have used. And I'm extremely gratified by your customer service! ” - Ruja Shrestha, University of Rochester

“ I am really happy to have this program! ” - Gillian Mackey, Queen's University (Canada)

“ We are enjoying iNMR a lot. Thank YOU for making a product that is powerful enough to make me happy, and easy enough to use to make my students happy. :-) ” - David Rovnyak, Bucknell University

“ I use the program almost daily, with much less headache than the more tedious MestreNova. ” - Joshua Jones, Brooklyn College

“ Great job with the program. I like a lot how it feels and works. ” - Marcos Garcia-Fuentes, Santiago de Compostela

“ I am glad you now have iNMR for PC, I really enjoy the program. ” - Kelly Volp, 3M, St. Paul, MN

“ I love the software. ” - Alan Saghatelian, Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA

“ You do a fantastic job with the iNMR products and support. ” - Jacob Przyojski, University of Texas S.A., San Antonio

“ iNMR is much more flexible for data display! ” - Marya Lieberman, University of Notre Dame

“ I’ve been using iNMR for close to 8 years now and it’s a fantastic program! ” - Julian Lo, Scripps Research Institute

“ I have enjoyed using iNMR for the past 5 years. ” - Nicholas White, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“ As usual, iNMR is the only software that makes simulating a complex system not a drama but a pleasure. ” - Massimo Baroncini, Bologna

“ Your customer service is truly exceptional. ” - Anthony Petty, University of Kentucky

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