Visual Guide to the Writer Tool

drag-and-drop If you already have the text somewhere else, you can easily import it, either via Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop.
create a new note You can reposition the text with the mouse; you can open the text editor with a double click. You don't need the text tool for these operations.
edit the note You'll use the text tool only to create a note from scratch. A new note is created at every click. Initially they contain nothing more than a question mark.
end of editing Here is the editor that appears when you double click a note. You can make it larger, if you need to enter more text.
duplication The main plot is updated when you close the editor.
select all Now, every time you click with the writer tool, your note is duplicated, not the question mark.
Latin To operate on all the notes, issue the command “Edit/Select All”. In our case, we simply delete them all (with the delete key), and create something more meaningful.
frame There are two genders of notes. The simple notes we have seen so far can only contain ASCII characters (like the Latin alphabet and digits). When a number comes immediately before a letter, iNMR displays the number as a superscript. Whenever a number comes immediately after a letter, iNMR displays the number as a subscript.
Universal To disable this mechanism, you can insert spaces or change the gender.
wrapping Universal notes can contain any Unicode character and can have style. iNMR never generates subscripts and superscripts inside Universal notes. Working with them, you can more easily change the width and the number of lines (drag the dark handle at the right of a note). (with Latin notes you need, instead, to open the editor and insert new-line characters).
contextual menu special chars

To change the properties of any note (or a group of selected notes) right-click or right-click it, then select the appropriate action from the contextual menu.


Press the button “Special Chars” to introduce the Greek alphabet.



Each note can have a different font/size or, in this case, color (see the menu item at the bottom of the picture; the keyboard shortcut Cmd-U also opens the Color Picker).


In the picture at left a colored frame was put over the note.


iNMR will automatically generate text notes, using the information extracted from the document, if you press the key “L” (upper- or lower-case).

l L

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