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Modifying an Existing Note

The commands to modify a note are self-explanatory. The difficult part is to find them out!

To Modify a Note:

Double click the note to open its editor.
The editor of universal textual notes allows you to set both the content and the style (bold, italic, etc...).

Right-click a note and the contextual menu pops up. If several notes are selected, the command you choose will act on all of them.

If, after selecting a note, you see a dark corner or border, drag it to resize the note.

To change the font, select the note (or a group of notes) and choose Format > Show Fonts Window.

To change the color, select the note (or a group of notes) and choose Format > Level & Colors.

To delete the selected notes, press delete or backspace.

To hide the notes, uncheck View > Peak Labels and/or Document Notes.

To move together a group of notes, select them and use the arrow keys. Combine with the Shift key ⇧ to go faster, with the Alt key (on the Mac) for minimal movements.

In some special cases, for example when you rotate the text, it can be difficult to select a given note. Choose Edit > Select All. iNMR will show (in gray) the area of each note.

You can also activate the option “Fast Selection” under the menu View. With this option, when you click and drag the mouse, you select all the notes in the specified area.

Frames, arrows and chemical formulas can be thin or thick. In the first case the line thickness is the one specified in your user preferences, unless the note has a color (even black): in this case the line thickness is 1 point.
When the note is thick, the line thickness is always 3 points.

To duplicate the last textual note, it's enough to select the writer tool and click anywhere. Every time you click, the tool creates a new note with the same text. This trick is precious, for example, when you want to mark all the peaks of an impurity with the same symbol.

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