Visual Guide to Peak-Picking

threshold labels

When you perform peak-picking, with the dedicated tool, iNMR ignores the peaks smaller than a given threshold. You can create the threshold explicitly, if you like, with an alt-click.

higher threshold less labels To correct a mistake, perform the operation again, with a different threshold and the same selection.
highest threshold no labels When the threshold is higher than any peak, all the labels are removed.
creation deletion In practice you don't need to create an explicit threshold, because the point where you initially click with the mouse already defines an implicit threshold. Click under the peaks and drag to create the labels. Click over the peaks and drag to remove the labels.

A single click with the picker tool UNDER the curve of the spectrum, creates a single label on top of the nearest peak. If the label already exists, it is simply removed.

preferences no ticks

To remove the small ticks
on top of the peaks,
open the Preferences dialog
and set “Short Distance”
to zero.

special cases pick mouse pick peak Here are two special cases where normal peak-picking doesn't work. There is a filtering mechanism that prevents the creation of too many labels, but there are instances in which you really want to by-pass the filter and create a label at a given frequency. In such a case, right-click to invoke the contextual menu and select “Pick Peak” or, for a generic point, “Pick Mouse”.

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