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Exporting a Low Resolution Picture on a Mac

If you need a picture for a slide, a low resolution picture is the best choice. It's easy to create, requires little memory and the computer is not slowed down. The picture looks the same when you export it into another application that adopts Core Graphics, the native drawing system of Mac OS X. You will be able to magnify it without loss of quality, because it's a PDF picture, not a bitmap.

This page is intended for Mac users. If you follow the same instructions on Windows, you will generate a high-resolution bitmap.

How to Export a Low Resolution Picture:

Verify that the option File > Free Size is checked.

Set the size of the window the same as the size of the picture you want to create.

If absolute precision is required, you can use the console command paper.
For example, if you need a picture 500 points wide and 300 points high, the command is: paper(500,300)

Choose iNMR > Preferences and click Output. The pair of parameters that set the resolution of the picture is located at the bottom of this panel: Resolution and Line Thickness when copying and exporting. The most important one is the Line Thickness. If you set both parameters to 1, the picture will be identical to what you see into the iNMR window.

Use the standard Copy & Paste mechanism to export the picture. There's no need to select it; the command Edit > Copy is always enabled. If you prefer the Drag & Drop way, Choose Tools > Dragger, then click inside the window and drag to the final destination (that's what the dragger tool is all about).

If an external program doesn't accept a picture coming from iNMR, you can use the free converter called PDF 2 PICT. First copy the picture into the PDF 2 PICT window, then from here to the unfriendly program.

The same technique can be used to generate high-resolution pictures, suitable for printed copies. In this case, reduce the line thickness (for example, to 0.25) and increase the resolution (for example, to 4.0). Still change the the pair of values labeled “when copying and exporting”. The other pair is in control when you are printing directly with iNMR.

If you want a picture recognized by all the programs of any operative system, and never modified, it's better to create an high-resolution bitmap.

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