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Free Size Mode and Page Size Mode

A document window has a double behavior.
In the Free Size mode a window can have any size and any rectangular shape. This mode is ideal to examine spectra on the screen, but it's incompatible with printing. You can switch the Free Size mode on and off with File > Free Size.
The alternative is the Page Size: the proportions of the window are the proportions of the printed page and resizing the window changes the apparent scale (zoom factor) of the plot on the screen.

To Print a Spectrum:

Choose the size and orientation of the page with File > Page Setup.

If you always use the same printer and the same paper size, this operation is needed only once, the first time you print a spectrum with iNMR.

To set your printing preferences, choose iNMR > Preferences and click Output.

To change the preferences for a few minutes only, choose Help > Timer (on Windows) or iNMR > Timer (on the Mac). On the Mac this command appears when you hold down the alt key.

When the size of the window changes, as a consequence of Page Setup, the elements of the plot can be misplaced. Check your document again before printing.

Print in the normal way with File > Print. If you have created more pages, it's necessary to specify the range to be printed.

The commands “Page Setup” and “Print” disable the Free Size. After printing, You can enable and disable the Free Size manually, with the command File > Free Size.

The workflow is simplified if the Free Size mode is already Off. If printing is more important than examining your spectra on the screen, you may decide, with your user preferences, that new windows already start with with the Page Size.

When you include a document into a poster, or when you issue the commands Window > Tile..., the window is forced into the Free Size mode.

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