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The Console: Command Line and Script Editor

To open the console, choose Tools > Console. On the left half of the console window you can see 4 areas. Starting from the top, there is the log area, with the history of the current session; under it there is the input area; further below the output area, border-less and gray. At the bottom there can be an optional double row of shortcut buttons.
On the right you can see the controls. This page describes the actions associated to these controls, but first the actions associated to a few special keys of the keyboard that ease your work.


Key on the Keyboard

Draw the spectrum again. Many commands that modify the spectrum don't update the display.


Bring back the previous input instructions into the input area.

Up and Down Arrows

Move to the another line.

Control - Arrows

Create a new line.

Control - Carriage Return

Copy the text from the output area into the input area.

Page Up or Page Down

Run the instructions contained in the input field.

Carriage Return


Console Button

To apply every command on all the spectra simultaneously.
When executing a script, if this option is on, every command is performed on all the open documents before moving on to the next statement. Functions that return a value represent an exception, because they return the value from the foremost spectrum only.

For All Documents

Save the current session (limited to the last 20 statements) into the active document, unless the document already contains a saved script, which in this case will appear into your default editor.

Disk Icon

Reload the session saved into a document.

Folder Icon

Amplify / De-amplify the spectrum.

Little Arrows

Copy the text of the log area (the history of the session).


Consult the list of iNMR commands.
The web contains the list of the basic Lua functions.

Question Mark

Resize the Console.

Zoom or Resize

Execute the chunk of code in the input field.


With the command line you have great FREEDOM, including the freedom of doing something undoable. To gain the possibility of undoing, save often your documents. If something goes wrong, you can revert to the most recently saved copy.

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