A New Experience

At first sight version 5 is identical to version 4: there are the same menu commands and the manual says the same things. Nothing is completely new... but few things remain the same! Here are the most relevant changes:


Version 5 requires a 64-bit Intel chip and Snow Leopard. Version 4 is 32-bit Universal Binary and requires Tiger.

real-time dragging

When you drag the margins of the plot, or the integrals, or most of the objects, the plot is continuously updated.

overlay manager

The Overlay Manager becomes non-modal and can be enlarged to show the full path of the individual documents. Sorting the overlays is simpler and more transparent.

manual phase correction

The zero-order correction is controlled by a knob that never reaches the end of the run. The fine-coarse selector has many more stops. The phase panel is more compact.

other dialogs

“Units and Scales” and “Colors and Levels” change the corresponding plots as soon as you click into a control. The Preferences dialog includes a “Preview” button. The color panel is no more modal. When the open dialog is open, the corresponding menu item isn't dimmed anymore. The console is more compact than in the past, but can be enlarged at will.

fit to overlay

Fitting a simulated spin system is visibly faster.


The new cursors are more specific. The horizontal palette has a single row of buttons.

info tool

The interpolator is faster, more predictable and more reliable.


The visual effect of the command ”New Page” is realistic.


You can't paste PICT pictures but you can paste TIFF, JPEG and PNG pictures instead.


The printed area is no more centered and no more clipped.


Mono-exponential DOSY is more accurate.

2-D peak-picking

The labels don't overlap anymore.


No need to click out of a table before closing its dialog.


Shows an estimate of the T1.


You can use the same license with Mac OS or with Windows.

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