Discovering Weighting Functions

The dialog Process > Visual Weighting contains an option to visualize the shape (or envelope) of the current weighting function, whichever it is. Today we'll use this option to explore some unusual or even hidden possibilities.

visual weighting

All the functions below are present in iNMR 3.3.8. You can't find them in older versions because they are not essential tools.

squared sine bell

Squared Sine 0° shift
cut after 50%

adjusted cosine bell

Cosine Bell
cut after 120%

adjusted cosine bell


cut after 40%

trapezoidal weight

linear ramp

cut after 130%

linear ramp, is much steeper when "cut after" = 200


cut after 205%

This is a Traficante weighting optimized for a line width of 5 Hz. When you set "cut after" > 200 you get this function optimized for the line width:
(cut - 200) Hz.

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