How to Create Many Pictures All of the Same Size

In the previous tutorial we saw how to create picture files from a spectrum and all the correlated available options. This time we want to create many pictures from different spectra and we want them to be easy to compare and easy to lay out into an article or a poster or a slide-show. First you need to work with a single spectrum until you are completely satisfied with the picture you get from it.

I will start from the point when you are sure that the picture you have obtained from your first spectrum is exactly what you need but you still have to generate an high number of identical pictures from other spectra, correlated or not. I also assume that these spectra have already been processed in the past.

Before opening the other spectra, we need to export our format. Open the first spectrum, the one you have already optimized before, and select the menu command: “Format/Save Current Format...”. Give a name to this format. In our case we'll call it “tutorial”. The format includes information about the color, scale units, spectral range, margins, etc... but not about the paper size. If the Free Size option is ON, the paper size corresponds to the window size.

How do you measure the dimensions of the window? Open the console (command: “Tools/Console”; shortcut: Cmd + zero ) and type

print( paper() )

Let's say the dimensions of the first window are 600 x 400. Annotate your actual values or, better yet, store them in memory:

x,y = paper()

If all your spectra reside inside the same folder, you can open them with a single operation (press: Cmd + alt + the letter O). Otherwise open them one by one. In both cases, close the spectra you don't want to create pictures from.
Check the option “for all documents” at the top-right of the console window. Type:

format “tutorial” paper(x,y)

and click the “Run” button (or press <Enter>). If the windows are already in the correct size you will see no change. In this case you can press the Esc key to force a redraw. You can close the console because we don't need it anymore. You may probably need to (de-)intensify a few spectra, so inspect them before the final step. Here we are.

Pull down the File menu and press the alt key. The command “Export...” becomes “Export All...”. Select it, then select a destination folder and a graphic format (e.g.: PDF, PNG, etc...).

Finished! The fastest way to check the pictures is to select all of them in the Finder and open them with Preview. Now press: Cmd + Shift + F and the slideshow begins...

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