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Registering Your Copy

iNMR can be freely downloaded from the internet. You can test it as long as you like, because it never expires. To enable all the functions (like printing and copying) and to prevent the program from quitting after an hour of use, it is necessary to buy a license. When you have a license you can ask the key to unlock your copy of iNMR.

How to get a new Key:

Step 1

Choose the command Registration. Windows users will find it under the “Help” menu. Mac users will find it under the “iNMR” menu.

Step 2

The command opens the registration dialog. Enter a user name (and/or the institution name) into the user field.

Step 3

Click the button Send an Email and Ask for the Key.

Step 4

iNMR opens your preferred email client. A new message is automatically composed. You can directly send it without further editing, if you are using the same name and address used to buy the license. Otherwise complete the message and explain who you are, whose is the license, etc.

If your computer is not configured to send emails or if, for whatever reason, you want to send the email form a different computer, modify the steps 3 and 4 as follows:
(3) Click the button Copy User and ID.
(4) Create an email with the address, and paste the ID into the message. It will look like:
   Your Name   W85190PMSDW
If you have ordered many licenses, you can include many IDs into a single message.
Specify the product, the version and if you are a new customer or if you are substituting an old key.

Step 5

Send the message. Wait a few minutes/hours for our answer.

Step 6

You'll receive back a key in the format:
Store a paper copy of it as a quick proof of ownership.

Step 7

Close iNMR. Open it again. Return to the registration dialog.

Step 8

Re-enter the user name, if it has disappeared. Enter the key into its field and click Register.

Step 9

If you move a license to another computer, you'll need a different key; it is therefore necessary to repeat the whole procedure from the start. If you have a Mac read below how to forget the old password.

If multiple accounts exist on your Mac, and you want to enable all of them, perform the registration under the main account (the administrator). On a Windows PC it's however necessary to repeat the registration procedure for each accont.

If these instructions are not enough, call us or send an email.

You are free to change the user name anytime you like: it's not a great idea, but the key will still work.

How to Forget the Old Password

If you move your stuff from an old Mac to the new one you will transfer the old password too. This is bad. The old password will not work and, to make things worse, iNMR is unable to overwrite it. The consequence is that you are forced to type the new password every time you use iNMR. The solution to this problem is trivial: delete the old password manually either with the Finder or with the Terminal. The password is stored in one or two places, therefore you must delete one or two files. The two Terminal commands to delete the password of iNMR full edition are:

rm ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/net.inmr.inmr.*.plist
rm /Library/Preferences/net.inmr.inmr.plist

The latter requires that you are the administrator of the Mac. In the case of iNMR reader the commands are:

rm ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/net.inmr.reader.*.plist
rm /Library/Preferences/net.inmr.reader.plist

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