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You can use iNMR and iNMR reader to work on your Mac with all kinds of NMR spectra coming from a multitude of spectrometers and scanners, ranging from 1 to 3 dimensions. iNMR can read foreign spectra directly, it does not translate them into another format. Every time you reopen a spectrum, iNMR interprets the native data and applies the necessary processing, on the fly. This is almost instantaneous.
The integrity of the original files is always preserved, they are never modified. The work you perform with iNMR, such as the integration limits and your personal notes, is saved into separate files with the .inmr extension (unless you are using iNMR reader which can only create PDF files). The .inmr files never include the data points. Thus, if you delete these .inmr files, you will still be able to read the original data. But remember not to delete the original files- the .inmr files are useless without the original data files. Beware, don’t make this mistake!

With iNMR you can:

Insert a chemical formula and other information into your spectra.

Generate ready to publish lists of chemical shifts and coupling constants.

[Mac only] Generate full-screen previews and slideshows of your spectra that you can visualize with the Mac OS Finder.

[Mac only] Index your files with Spotlight to build a searchable spectroscopic database with absolutely no effort required on your part.

Simulate 1-D spectra of ½ spins, in the solution state or in a partially oriented state, including phenomena of chemical exchange, and fit them to an experimental counterpart.

[full edition only] Write scripts to add your own custom functions.

Process hundreds of spectra with a single command.

[full edition only] Export data as ASCII tables or in widely recognized formats, such as JCAMP-DX and Sparky's .ucsf.

Combine several spectra into a single picture or poster.

To learn how to use iNMR, in addition to this manual you can consult the web site, where you will find a wealth of information. Useful information is also contained in the help tips that appear when you hover briefly with the mouse over a button or, if you have a Mac, over a menu item.

Special Note about iNMR reader

In the iNMR reader the following commands are permanently disabled: Save, Save All, Export, Export All, Console and all the console commands. The Spotlight plugin and the QuickLook plugin are not included neither in iNMR reader nor in iNMR for Windows. This manual refers to iNMR full edition. However, most of the information is still valid for iNMR reader.

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