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Changing the Font of the Frequency Scale

Each spectrum can use a single combination of font and size. It is used to draw the labels of the frequency scale, the integrals and the peak-picking. To change this font, just choose Format > Show Fonts Window. It is not necessary to select any element.

How to Set the Font for Future Spectra:

Step 1

Choose iNMR > Preferences.

Step 2

Click the tab “Digits”, then the button also called “digits”.

Step 3

Click the button “change”.

Step 4

Select the new Font and/or Size.

You can also change the colors of the digits, inside the iNMR preferences. You cannot change, however, the color for a single document only, because all the documents share the same colors.

The scale an their labels are printed in a single color, usually black, but the labels are shown on the screen with the same color used for marks.

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