Why version 6?

Years of Continuous Support

Since the release of version 5, at the end of 2011, we have offered dozens of free updates. We have created the Windows version of iNMR, free for our old customers. We have improved the quality, we have kept the compatibility with new versions of Mac and Windows and with new spectrometers. We have assisted all our customers without ever asking for annual fees.

This effort costs a lot of time and a little money (the money to buy new computers and to connect to the internet). It seems fair, after five years, to ask you to contribute. The upgrade fee is € 50, that is € 10 per year.

If you can't pay (or don't like to), you can keep using version 5 which, at this writing moment, is almost equivalent to version 6. We don't want to force you to upgrade; we'll give you the usual support forever.

Same License, Two Platforms

In the last few years we required you to specify if you had installed iNMR on a Mac or on a Windows PC. The reason behind this question was, initially, commercial. Later it was merely a technical issue. With version 6 there is no more need to know which computer you have installed iNMR into. Activating or moving a license is now simpler.

When the Upgrade is Free

The upgrade is free if you have purchased a license (or upgraded it) after May 31, 2016. In this case, just send an email and tell if the computer remains the same or not. In the latter case, please send the new computer ID.

The upgrade is also free for iNMR reader.

The Technical Necessity (Mac version only)

It was impossible to have a single version compatible with both Snow Leopard and Sierra. Take, for example, two panels of version 5: the Color Picker and the Manual Phase Correction. They look good with Snow Leopard, but not so good with El Capitan. If we wanted to give you the ultimate NMR experience, it was necessary to recompile iNMR. Technical reasons (depending on Apple, not on us) don't allow to compile a program, with today's tools, that also runs on older Macs. Version 6, therefore, requires OS 10.11 (El Capitan) as a minimum.

Windows version

Let's be honest: the first edition of version 6 is exactly the same as the last edition of version 5. With the upgrade fee you are paying for the future updates that we are going to release in the next five years.


Windows: Vista or higher. Vista requires this update. Windows 7 requires this update. Windows 8 and 10 require no update at all. iNMR for Windows is a 32-bit application.

Mac: Mac OS 10.11 or higher. iNMR 6 for Mac is a 64-bit application.

iNMR 5 (64-bit, intel) requires Mac OS 10.6. iNMR 4 (32-bit, universal binary) requires Mac OS 10.4.

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Molfetta, Italy, November 2016

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