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Modern Carbon applications export their drawings (with the Copy command or when the user drags them) in PDF format, that preserves resolution, quality and most of the information. Other applications, e.g. OpenOffice, expect instead to receive the older ‘PICT’ format. The work-around, when possible, is to save the picture as a file, then import it into the final document. When printing is not important (like in the case of many PowerPoint presentations) and you want to simplify your work-flow, you can use this simple Cooca application, called “PDF 2 PICT”.

Drag any picture into the window. It can be a PDF picture or any kind of image. Files are accepted too. The window behaves like an additional clipboard. When you need the picture again, simply drag it into the final destination.
“PDF 2 PICT” creates PDF and TIFF representations of the dragged image. The Cocoa runtime adds the PICT representation. In practice, a pass from PDF 2 PICT is enough to generate the PICT format.
You can use the menu commands Copy and Paste instead of dragging into and out of the window.

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