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Keyboard Commands to Manipulate the Overlays

With the Overlay Manager you can create overlays and projections and manipulate them. When the Manager is closed, you can still operate on the active overlay with the keyboard. The active overlay is normally the last overlay, in order of creation.

You can change the progressive vertical offset with the mouse: click and drag the baseline of the first overlay; all the overlays will move.



Amplify by a factor of 2


Amplify by a factor of 5


Amplify by a factor of 1.1 (Mac only)


De-amplify by a factor of 2


De-amplify by a factor of 5


De-amplify by a factor of 1.1 (Mac only)


Offset to the Left


Offset to the Right


Clean Background for each overlay


The horizontal offset is intended to separate two spectra on the screen, not to correct their frequency scales.

The intensity of the external projections and traces are also governed by the parameters “amplify the projections”. If you set any of them to zero, the corresponding external projection is hidden. The traces, that appear if you create a single mark, appear even if their amplification is zero, but don't appear if there is an overlay.

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