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Inspecting the FID

When in time domain, you can change the amplification factor, but you can't zoom. The FID is shown in its entirety. If you want to inspect a region of the FID more closely, choose Process > Fourier Transform and click the button fake. No processing is performed, but iNMR will believe that the spectrum is in frequency domain nonetheless and will let you enlarge any portion of the spectrum. The data points are those of the FID. You can also rotate the phase in the standard way. A phase change of 90° will reveal the imaginary part of the FID. The labels under the scale have no meaning, of course.

If you need to inspect the beginning of the FID, you can alternatively set a huge size for the window. This trick only works on the Mac. Type this command into the console:
The advantage of this method is that the scale labels remain correct. To restore the normal size, it's enough to click the green button of the document window.

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