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Processing of new FIDs Can Start Automatically

Expert user prefers to see the FID before processing it. In this way they check that acquisition and data transfer were completed without errors. Other users prefer to start directly from a processed spectrum, possibly with integrals and peak-picking. iNMR gives you ample freedom for customization via scripting. iNMR reader does not include scripting but includes an option for automated processing.


Create a file called “autoexec.lua” and place it into your scripts folder. Every time you open a new FID, the script will be executed. With a lua script you can perform any kind of test and operation on your files.

iNMR reader

Open the dialog iNMR > Preferences. Click on the last tab (Files). Uncheck the general preference “Show the FID when Opening a Document”. From now on, all your spectra will be automatically transformed and phase-corrected as you open them.

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