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  Undoing your Operations inside iNMR

Most of us learn new programs by trial and error. When the error comes, the 'Undo' command brings us back. iNMR has two other commands that are conceptually near to 'Undo', namely ‘File/Reload’ and ‘Page/Delete This’. Learn to use these commands, because in many cases they are the most helpful ones. The former undoes all processing and let you restart from the FID. Processing parameters are not lost. You can examine them and change what was wrong.
The latter command, ‘Page/Delete This’, undoes all actions that affect the display of your spectra. When you delete the last page you restart from a default page. In many cases, however, ‘Edit/Undo’ is the appropriate command (and reading the manual remains the optimal learning path).

Other specific actions have their own reversal. In 1D spectroscopy the command ‘Process/Clear Correction’ removes all baseline corrections. After ‘Edit/Paste’ you can undo with ‘Edit/Delete’. Needless to say, options with two possible states, like ‘Process/Magnitude’, undo themselves.
You can also create your own undo mechanisms. For example you can open a spectrum twice, in two windows, and try two different processing schemes. A variation of the concept is the ‘File/Extract’ command, with which you go on processing a limited portion of the spectrum. In another example, you can duplicate the current page with ‘Page/Add Page’, then continue working with the new page, while the old one is preserved.

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