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  Creating and Managing a Multipage Document

For each data-set (file) you open, you get a window. The whole constitutes a ‘document’. Inside a document you can create sets of display parameters, called “pages” and identified by a progressive number. The data contained (the spectrum) is just the same. If you process it in one page, all other pages change as well. You cannot import other spectra into a document. You can just create different sets of display parameters. Normally you would use them to store different expansions. When you print the document, these logical pages become true, independent, paper pages. The saved set contains many things (from ppm limits to color) that is actually pointless to list. In a few words: all the display parameters. You can use pages for whatever reason you like. Pages are for the user, not for the program. You are only limited by the number of pages you can create (not more than 20).

Unimportant Note:
Internally, pages are treated differently if they refer to a 1D or to a 2D plot. For example, a 2D page cannot be used to display a 1D spectrum. This note is just to explain why, when you extract a row from a 2D spectrum, you cannot reuse existing pages or create new ones.

Commands related to Pages

You have a whole menu, “Page” dedicated to pages. You create a new page duplicating the page currently in use (command “Add Page”). You can delete either the current page (“Delete This”), or lower-numbered pages (“Delete Previous Pages”), or higher-numbered pages (“Delete Following Pages”). You browse pages either with their menu or with the keys ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’.

The optional drawer contains thumbnails for the pages. Clicking on a thumbnail is another way to switch to that page. When the spectrum is not fully transformed, or when the Page menu is disabled, the drawer remains closed.

You can copy all the display parameters and options from one document to another.



If you need to paste a certain page over and over, you can store it into your own application preferences, simply with the command “Format/Save Current Format...”. You will also specify a name for identification purposes. This memorized page takes the name of “format” and will be listed into the “Format/Custom Format” submenu. To paste a format into another document, simply select it from the submenu. You can overwrite any of your formats if you create a new format with the same name. You can rename/delete/sort/order your formats with the dialog “Format/Organize Formats...”

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