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  Keyboard: what you can do with it

Once you open a spectrum with iNMR, and especially after it is fully transformed in frequency domain, the keyboard becomes your main medium of interaction. There is no command line, neither visible nor implied and we are not speaking of keyboard equivalents of menu commands (like: Cmd + ...). You just need to press the right key to navigate into the spectrum. If you press and keep pressed, your navigation will be much faster! In most cases the same operation can be performed with a menu command, a mouse operation, or pressing some buttons with the mouse or, finally with other commands in combination. You can still use iNMR and never touch the keys listed below, yet this is certainly the first page of the manual you should read if you want to enjoy iNMR and become productive with it. The keys have been chosen, of course, to be easy to memorize. In some cases, like with the plus and minus keys, the meaning is intuitive. You should at least learn the commands written in red: they have no direct equivalent.

The effect of some of the keys listed below, in any category, is empowered by 'Shift' and decreased by 'Ctrl'.


Navigation Keys

End zoom in
Home zoom out
= zoom in
+ taller peaks
- smaller peaks
spacebar reorder the window contents
arrows allow navigation in the first 2 dimensions
t next plane (3D spectroscopy)
r previous plane (3D spectroscopy)
Page Up previous page
Page Down next page
1 next window
2 previous window
5 swaps the roles between the document window and the monitor
7 next inset
8 highlits the active plot
9 previous inset
? shows the index of this manual with a web browser
B inverts the background color


Changing Scale Units

p changes the scale unit to ppm
h, H changes the scale unit to Hz
n changes the scale unit to the number of points
' peak frequencies are reported in Hz (click again to revert this option)
" peak frequencies are followed by the linewidth (click again to revert this option)


Working with the Tools

z Zoom
c Cutter
i Integrator
j Interpolator
v Peak Picker
m Monitor
d Dragger
f frame / bracket maker
a Quiver
w Writer
x Cross-Hair
Escape Pointer
tab, Shift-tab next tool, previous tool
l annotates the spectrum with its title
L creates a List of the experimental paramaters
e extracts a multiplet (if the J Manager is open)


Bidimensional Plots

g shows / hides the grid
o increases the number of positive levels
u decreases the number of positive levels
O increases both positive and negative levels
U decreases both positive and negative levels
Alt + decreases the distance among levels
] has the same effect
Alt - increases the distance among levels
[ has the same effect
k reset levels
T transposes the matrix in the XY plane


Integral Curves over 1D Spectra

Alt + taller integral curves
] has the same effect
Alt - reduced integral curves
[ has the same effect
Alt-arrows lifts / lowers curves
& hides brackets and values


Working with Overlays

* amplifies the overlay / projection
/ deamplifies the overlay / projection
backspace offsets to the left
forward delete offsets to the right


Notes with Metadata

l generates a note with the title
L generates a note with the experimental parameters


Change the Preferences with a Timer

This hidden command appears under the menu “iNMR” when you press the alt key. The keyboard ahortcut is: alt-cmd-,
You'll hear a sound when your preferences are restored.

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