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Commands to Change the Scale Units, the Background and to Display Title and Parameters



Show/Hide the unit of the scale

$ (dollar)

more/less Scale Ticks


ppm units


Hz units

H or h

units of points


Swap the Colors between Background and Scales


Peak Frequencies are reported in Hz
click again to revert this option

Single Quote ( ' )

Peak Frequencies (in 1-D) are followed by the Line-width
click again to revert this option

Double Quote ( " )

2-D peak-picking shows the intensities instead of the frequencies
click again to revert this option

Double Quote ( " )

Opens the manual into the default browser

? (a document must have the keyboard focus)

Annotate the spectrum with its Title

l (lowercase L)

Annotate the spectrum with the Acquistition Parameters

L (uppercase)

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