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  Licensing and Registration

iNMR is a commercial program. It is distributed through the internet in the form of a trial, limited, never expiring version. The difference between the trial version and the full version is that the former can't print, can't create pdf files and does not copy data into the clipboard. The trial version also shows a reminder alert, which disappears in the normal version. Some versions remain without the save command even after registration. Please consult the web for the details.

You are allowed to use the program, without a license, for the reasonable amount of time you need to evaluate it. If you need to use iNMR you can buy a perpetual user license from The license is valid for a single computer. If used in a network, you should install iNMR on every computer on which you want to use it, with a license for each installation.

When you order one or more licenses, specify a full user name or institution name for each license. Avoid using special characters, like accented vowels. Punctuation marks and hyphens are OK. You should also send some information about your machine. Note that the airport MAC address is NOT what you must send. Avoid doing it by yourself, please follow these steps:

After the successful registration, the program is converted into the normal version.

The license does not imply a warranty. You can and should verify by yourself, before ordering, if iNMR works or not. The license entitles you to receive e-mail support for one year after the purchase. Minor upgrades are automatically included in the license. An upgrade is a minor one if the first version number does not change from the previous version. It is a major one if the first version number does change.

When you buy a new computer

Every time you move your license to a different computer you need a new key. You can have it by e-mail. When you initially purchase the license, specify your e-mail address, and use the same for all correspondence. When you change computer, write to the author, report ALL the old keys and you will receive a new one.

Disposable License

This is a special, cheap, license. Though the license never expires, it cannot be moved to another computer. In other words, the key can never be renewed. You can't tell which kind of license you own by examining the program, because the latter is exactly the same.

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